Wednesday, 9 March 2016

How to Order Cake Online Hyderabad - SN Flowers N Gifts

So you are looking how to send a cake online to Hyderabad. Well its seriously not a daunting task for which you need to consult a blog. There is no rocket science involved in searching on google to find out a website who does this job. Well because I am writing this post on behalf of SNFlowersNGifts, please pardon me if you find it little inclined towards this website.I myself consider sending cake or flowers online a difficult task. Not because its hard to find a website, but its because its hard to find a good and reliable website. But one thing I want to tell you that, we are in 2014 now and online market is not same as it was in 2008. People are more educated and know their rights on internet and definitely they are hungry for quality websites and quality services when it comes to ecommerce at least to say.Well prices are just one criteria to choose from. But there is much more than just prices out there.Today if you go on google and search for “Order cake online Hyderabad” then you will see 10-20 websites dedicated to this job only. But I must tell you they all are not really reliable to choose for such special occasion. Now you must be thinking why? Well its major because how websites operate. Mostly there are two kinds of models of operations for such websites:1. They are kind of franchisee based. That means, I start a website and tie up with 8 small bakeries who can prepare a cake and if asked they can also do a delivery. Or I give you a more realistic example. I tie up with florists in Hyderabad who are further tied up with some small bakeries. So, when I receive an order, I pass it to that florist, that florist prepare flowers and pick cake from any such bakery and do the delivery at specified address. It is very easy from my point of view. Because I have no headache regarding operations. Florist himself deal with everything and after delivery I just pay him for that order. But from customer stand point its pretty bad actually. Its because quality is compromised big time. I don’t know what quality of flowers it will use for making bunch, bouquet etc. and from where it picked up the cake. Was it a branded bakery or just a local shop around the corner. I know nothing about it. And suppose if such a bad quality products get delivered to your loved ones, how will they feel. Although they are not going to tell you but you know how they felt.2. Second in the list are websites that themselves manage everything. No I am not talking about they prepare cake themselves. Its like, I set-up a website and tie up with specific bakeries and florists and when I receive an order my own delivery boy goes and fetch products from designated locations and deliver it to the end customer. Here you try your best to control quality, because you major try to tie up with big branded bakeries, although the prices are high but they make sure that quality of cake is not hampered and timely availability of cakes is assured. Plus finances are much better settled between us. Similarly I would tie up with some specific florists who provide quality flowers.3. Ya I know, I mentioned only 2 but there is less known variant also. In this variant, its much like I have a cake shop of my own and I set up a website also. So cakes are delivered by myself only and products are my own so absolutely quality is well maintained and while delivering I can pick up flower from a defined florist and do the delivery.From 2nd type that I have mentioned, I am also a part of such website We operate on exactly the operations model that I have mentioned. Major focus here is entirely on operations. Finding best suppliers in town and then maintaining relations with them and fetching best products from them on time. Even if we find slight fault in product then we get it replaced then and there only from the supplier. Not every website in market are doing this. But newer start-ups are exercising good practices like this to satisfy customers always.But choosing such a website its hard because its only known to company people how they are operating. But you can always give it a try but before placing order its good to call the website customer support to know how exactly they will deal their operations. At least some superficial highlights they can share with you. Depending on which you can make a good decision
Good luck with online shopping !!

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